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Welcome to MidCoast Music! Please enjoy video descriptions of our Wired and Artist Songs Catalogs and a description of our volumes.


MidCoast Music’s Wired Library features instrumental and vocal music with dynamic edit points at and peaks at :29 and :59. 

Attention demanding promo and background production music! Formats for Wired include:

Main (Promo) – Features dynamic, edit friendly hits with a climatic build to :29. Modular, loop-able breakdowns of

elements in the back 30 lead to an alternate ending @ :59.


ReVamped (Background Performance) – Underscore, background, alternate arrangement or variation of theMain version.

Features isolation of elements, frequently alternate instrumentation, sparser mixes and modular, loop-able sections.

Dynamic and edit friendly hit/edit points with a peak/ending @ 1:59.


ReWired (Remix) - These versions are drastically altered, twisted, and splattered with sound design - often beyond recognition.

This gives the composition a completely new twist in the spirit of remix and electronica production.

Peak to :29 and alternate ending @ :59.


All of our Wired volumes include :30 arrangements of all 3 song versions that peak @ :29 for

quick reference playlists and easy to use, ready-made :30’s that feature the highlights of each track.

Each of the 12 songs on MidCoast Music’s Wired volumes will include the following versions:

• Main (Promo)

• Main :30 Arrangement

• ReVamped (Background Performance/Underscore/Variation)

• ReVamped :30 Arrangement

• ReWired (Remix)

• ReWired :30 Arrangement

All versions of our Wired titles have the same tempo and key for seamless editing. With 6 versions per song to mix-and-
match every song in MidCoast Music’s Wired library is like a musical Lego® kit!


MidCoast Music's Artists songs is your source for in-demand indie artists! Instrumental versions are included with vocal versions and all songs include a :30

Promo version. MidCoast Music’s Artist Songs are exclusive to us for licensing in movies, TV, commercials and all other

media! Formats for Artist Songs include:

• Main – Full mix of the artists’ original track.

• Background – A reduced version of the main mix. If the main is a vocal version, the Background is usually


• :30 Arrangement – A :30 arrangement of the vocal and instrumental versions that features the “tasty bits.”

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Proud member of the PMA