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• Main – Full mix of the artists’ original track.

• Background – A reduced version of the main mix. If the main is a vocal version, the Background is usually instrumental.

• :30 Arrangement – A :30 arrangement of the song that features the “tasty bits.” Vocal and instrumental.


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MCMA026 Americana Stories

  Tales from America's Heartland          

MCMA025 Pop-Com

Comedic Indie Pop

MCMA024 Jazz Compilation V2

Original Funky, Latin And Ballad Jazz Compostions

MCMA023 On My Own

Heartfelt Singer/Songwriter Pop

MCMA022 A Walk In The Park

Bluesy Roots Rock and Soul

MCMA021 Inside These Guitars

Fingerstyle And Slide Solo Acoustic Guitar

MCMA020 Plays Well with Others

Soulful Funky Blues, Rock and Soul Featuring Virtuoso Guitar

MCMA019 Cigarettes And Caffeine Nightmares

Youthful, Energetic Pop Rock With A Punk Edge

MCMA18 The What And The Why For

Soulful Pop, Roots Rock and Americana

MCMA017 Wages Of Sin

Soulful Pop, Roots Rock and Americana

MCMA016 Christmas

Secular And Sacred Holiday Favorites

MCMA015 Gripping Tales

Soulful, Melodic Folk and Country Vignettes

MCMA014 Make It Stop

Rootsy, Retro and Melodic Pop, Rock and Rock & Roll

MCMA013 Happy Accidents

Americana Infused Pop

MCMA012 More About You

Energetic Rock & Roll and Pop

MCMA011 Pop Gun

Rootsy, Retro and Melodic Pop, Rock and Rock & Roll

MCMA010 Jade

Tender, heartfelt, dynamic and dramatic solo acoustic piano

MCMA009 After A Song

Americana, Acoustic Bluegrass and Folk

MCMA008 El Supremo

Retro Roots Rock With Country And Pop Elements

MCMA006 I'm Flying

Retro Tinged  Americana Roots Rock

MCMA005 Jazz Compilation V1

Original Swinging, Straight-Ahead Jazz Compostions

MCMA004 Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Heartfelt Pop With A Comedic Edge

MCMA003 Maniacal Guitar Malfeasance V1

Virltuoso Guitar Vocals and Instrumentals

MCMA002 Blue Fog

Introspective Fingerstyle and Slide Guitar Instrumentals

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Proud member of the PMA